Thai Red Curry Paste | Super Saver 6 Pack | 6 x 50g
Thai Red Curry Paste | Super Saver 6 Pack | 6 x 50g
Thai Red Curry Paste | Super Saver 6 Pack | 6 x 50g
Thai Red Curry Paste | Super Saver 6 Pack | 6 x 50g

Thai Red Curry Paste | Super Saver 6 Pack | 6 x 50g  

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EL THE COOK, Thai Specials are Authentically Sourced Vegan Curry Pastes made from exotic herbs and spices & limited quantity only. These Thai Recipes, whose secrets are closely guarded by their makers.

These Recipes are Crafted to Perfection with Premium Ingredients cooked by highly decorated Pan-Asian Chefs. 



Thai Red Curry, is a wholesome staple in several regions of Thailand. A rich coconutty curry made of fresh ingredients like Thai Birds-Eye Chilis & Galangal & Thai Basil, Red curry is famous, worldwide

At EL THE COOK®, our decorated Pan-Asian Chefs, have created a curry paste encompassing this rich culinary experience, with delicate aromas of Lemongrass & Galangal.

Thai Red Curry Paste personifies the Fresh Produce of Thailand.

Crafted with Fresh Coriander Roots, the roasty flavour of Black Pepper & Cumin and traditional Thai ingredients like galangal, lemongrass & thai basil. This Curry Paste represents Thai cuisine in its truest form..





1) In a Pan, add 50g of El The Cook Thai Red Curry Paste & 400ml coconut milk.

2) Cook for 5-10 minutes, till oil starts to separate from the coconut milk (Pro Tip: Don't skip this step! This will make your curry richer!)

3) Add 300g Meat/ Seafood/ Veg of Choice and cook for 7-8 minutes.

4) Add Water as per your desired consistency & serve with small grain rice or rice noodles!


Net Weight:
50g sachet 

Shelf Life:
9 Months

Once opened, Keep Refrigerated.

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Yes, detailed recipes and nutritional information is mentioned on the packs.

Yes, our products are pure vegetarian

No, we do not add any preservatives or additives.

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