Cafreal Powder 80g | Goan Specials
Cafreal Powder 80g | Goan Specials
Cafreal Powder 80g | Goan Specials
Cafreal Powder 80g | Goan Specials
Cafreal Powder 80g | Goan Specials

Cafreal Powder 80g | Goan Specials  

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EL THE COOK, Goa Specials are Authentically Sourced Vegan Masalas made from exotic herbs and spices & limited quantity only. These Goa- based Recipes, whose secrets are closely guarded by their makers.

These Recipes are Crafted to Perfection with Premium Ingredients cooked by Innovative Goan Chefs. 


Goan Cafreal(pronounced as KA-FRE-AL) Masala is a traditional coriander based masala. It is most often used for making Vegetarian Dishes & Mutton Gravies.
Our Team at EL THE COOK,  brings you this essential paste in a traditional stone ground powder, Preservative Free!  

Why buy Cafreal Masala?

At EL THE COOK, we are constantly looking for a new way to give you, the best tastes of India. Cafreal Masala is a true representation of Goa & its culture.

Cafreal Powder is a 100% Vegan, Convenient & Easy to Carry powder with that authentic Goan Taste.  


How does it Taste? 

Cafreal Powder is earthy & spicy. With a myriad of premium spices & fresh coconut used to make this masala. Cafreal is an aromatic blend of whole spices to add a touch of variety to your daily curries!


Whats in the Powder?

Fresh Coriander Leaves
Hand Selected, Premium Coriander Leaves are carefully washed and dried to incorporate into the powder
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Goa Toddy Vinegar
Made from Cold-Pressed Coconut Juice, Toddy Vinegar is native to Goa. Hand-processed and purified, it is used in this traditional powder to impart taste and flavour.


Premium Spices 
Hand-Selected Spices, are carefully added to create a rich and authentic Goan Powder Masala.

How to Use?

1. Marinate 500g chicken/meat/veggies with Goa Cafreal Masala
2. Pan Fry till chicken is soft. If making a curry, add with adequate water and cook in covered vessel.
3. Serve Hot with Bread or Rice.



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