Our Mission

To Simplify Indian Cooking

Traditional Indian Cooking involves hundreds of different spices in varied proportions. That is why Indian Cooking seems extremely daunting to millions of people all over the world, including many Indians too.
ELTheCook™ Ready Tadka is a Unique Concept to simplify Modern Indian Cooking. 
This Masala includes a complete mix of Tempered Whole Spices in a Ghee/ Oil based 'Tadka' so as to make Delicious Indian Meals and reduce Time and Effort considerably
ELTheCook™ Tadka is an Innovation in Indian Cooking for all Indian Food Lovers around the Globe without the use of any Chemicals, Additives or Preservatives. Now you can enjoy Delicious Home-cooked Indian Meals with your family, anywhere in the world, without any hassles!
  • All Ingredients and Recipe steps given
  • Only Fresh, Natural & Premium Ingredients used 
  • Suitable for All Age Groups
  • No Stomach Upsets/ Bloating/ Acidity/ Heaviness after eating.
  • Foolproof Final Dish - no room for error
  • No Additives whatsoever
  • Can cook multiple items in less time
  • Each Product is hand-made with love and gives you the taste of home even if you are away. 

A wise person once said "A family that eats together, stays together."
But even better is

"A family that cooks together, stays together!"

We couldn't agree more..Don't you?
Lets get cooking & #AddTadkaToYourLife

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