So Pongal has it's roots in Tamil Nadu but the subtle flavours of this humble dish has made it a favourite throughout the country. Personally, I love sweet pongal more but I dont mind savoury pongal every now and then because let's admit it, it's delicious. ⁣
The spicy peppercorns along with the pungency of the amalgamation of ginger, curry leaves and asafoetida and also the buttery aftertaste of ghee, is truly soul warming. ⁣

The Pongal kit by @elthecook is super easy to make and is absolutely brilliant in terms of taste and I can vouch for it. You just need to wash the daal-rice mixture with water and pressure cook it for 3 whistles. And then mix the Tadka with the boiled rice-daal mix, add a tsp of ghee and top it with cashews! [The rice and daal, tadka and the cahsews come with the kit].⁣
Again, it's priced at 279 bucks which is very very heavy on the pocket but they don't compromise on the quality and taste.⁣ ⁣
Final thoughts:⁣
Priced at: Rs.279.00.⁣
▪Taste Rate: 4.5/5.⁣
▪Value for money: 2.75/5.⁣
▪Recommended?- YES! ⁣
It's a great kit when you are craving for some comfort food,.⁣
●After a tiring day at work.⁣
●If you are a student living in a PG or hostel.⁣
●If you are settled abroad and have almost no Indian vegetarian options (that's rare).⁣

● If you have 0 idea about cooking

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