Indian Lentils (Dal Tadka) using ELtheCook Lentils Kit

Make Tangy & Mildly spicy Indian Lentils (Dal Tadka) ! Easy & Convenient, made by You, fresh in your kitchen!

  • Serves - 2
  • Prep Time - 2 Min
  • Cook Time - 10-12 Min


  1. EltheCook's Lentils 'Dal Tadka' Kit 
  2. Salt to taste (About 1 teaspoon)


  1. Rinse Lentils 3 times with water, till water is clear.
  2. In a medium pan, add washed lentils, 2 cups water & salt. Cook on medium flame.
  3. Pressure cook for 3 whistles OR cook in a covered pot for 15 minutes
  4. Add Tempered Spice Mix and stir well.
  5. Taste & Adjust salt. Enjoy Hot Indian Lentils (Dal Tadka) best served with Steamed Rice!

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