Know Your Spices - Guntur Red Chili

Guntur Red Chillies used in EltheCook Readymade Tadka (Tempered SPice blends). Shipping worldwide
Giving Andhra food a fiery edge, Guntur Chilis are sometimes too hot to handle but why do you feel like going back for another dose?

Originating from the Guntur Sannam province in Andhra Pradesh, this fiery chilli, has a thick red skin. They are used for both adding colour and flavour to many dishes. The caspciasin content in Guntur Chillis give them their deep crimson color.

In cooking, the chilli is used as whole and thrown in during the preparation, or it is ground into powder or a paste with other spices. Several dishes like Guntur Kodi Vepudu, which is spicy chicken fry; or the Mamsam Pulusu, a fiery mutton curry are too memorable to forget!

ELThecook uses Guntur chillis in our products, to make them irresistable!

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