Know Your Spices - Basil Seeds or Sabja

Basil Seeds or Sabja used in EltheCook Readymade Tadka (Tempered SPice blends). Shipping worldwide

They are the ingredient that gives Falooda its distinctive appearance. They are also used in Indian Lemonade, Rooh Afza, milkshakes and sherbets. Basil seeds are an excellent and inexpensive addition to a balanced diet.

Basil seeds are a lesser known ingredient in Indian cookery, despite their many health benefits. Basil seeds provide relief to sore throats, cold and respiratory disorders, aid digestion and cure constipation.
When soaked in water for about 30 minutes, Basil seeds become gelatinous, about 3 times more than chia seeds!

Strain and then use these soaked seeds in drinks, coolers, sherbets, ice creams, falooda or kulfis.

More recently several bakers have started to use basil seeds as an egg substitute in cakes, since they swell in water, resulting in the cake becoming more fluffy!

Tell us your experiences with Basil Seeds, in the comments!
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