Know Your Spices - Indian Gooseberry or Amla

Indian Gooseberry or Amla used in EltheCook Readymade Tadka (Tempered SPice blends). Shipping worldwide

Amla or Myrobalan is a sour, green, berry which grows almost exclusively in India.

Historically, Amla was supposed to have originated from amrit or the immortality nectar. The fruit is scientifically proven to be sour and astringent in taste , with sweet, bitter and pungent, secondary tastes. With so many qualities, Amla is used in the ancient herbal immunity enhancer, chyawanprash.

Culinary uses of amla are plentliful. Its most commonly used in pickles. Its also cooked into many curries and stews to impart a tangy flavour to the dish. Tender varieties are used to prepare dal and amle ka murabbah, a sweet dish made by soaking the berries in sugar syrup until they are candied. It is traditionally consumed after meals.
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