Tempered Spices - Understanding the Basics!

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We have grown up with working mothers, who either cooked the whole day's food in the morning, or gave instructions to the "cook" and went. But, when it was time for dinner, there was always a sizzle in the kitchen, and suddenly all of us would know,  ITS TIME TO EAT!!

This sizzle is unique to homes in India and other South Asian cultures & is in fact,  the most important part of the dish, known as Tempering of Spices or a Tadka. Who discovered Tadka & what was its purpose? Let's find out!

India & other South Asian lands have historically been full of rich spices which were used extensively for treating illnesses & voodoos. Gradually, they were used in cooking, especially for the royal families. The royals were always in search of newer & better cuisines & tastes & so, their cooks came up with newer techniques of using spices, leading to birth of Tadka!

A Tadka not only enhances the flavour of a dish, but also imparts a rich fragrance  depending on its composition. This fragrance increases appetite & makes people salivate for the dish. Tadka also makes the dish look more presentable & appetizing.

A tadka has the power to turn a simple, boring, lifeless dish into something that is Delicious, Good-looking & Appetizing!! 

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