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Hey from EL The Cook!
There are few things better in life than fresh oysters with wine and boy did we hit the nail on the head!
Our travEL’s take us to the famous Rue Mouffetard Market in the Latin Quarter. One of Paris’ most renowned food markets after the Bastille Market, the Rue Mouffetard is steeped in history. It was one of the original routes which Roman Empire used to traverse the city.   
The Rue Mouffetard Market comes alive by about 8AM with shops bustling with activity! The whiffs of pastry, cheese and meats are super tempting! To make the market even more lively you have talented street musicians playing banjos and clarinets!
Our highlights of the market are probably its macrons, breads, champagne shops and fresh fruits which are an absolute delight to the senses! 
But nothing can beat our experience of Fresh Oysters at the Poissonnerie! 


With an amazing variety of seafood from langoustines  to escargots, this place has got it all! The freshness of the produce is simply stunning!

With seafood this fresh, our tastebuds beckoned us to taste the cherry on the cake – Oysters!
A few of our family members hadn’t tasted raw oysters ever, so this was a hard sell, but we finally convinced them to sit at the only available table( there is only 1!)

These gorgeous oysters were served up to us (it was the catch of the day) with a Domaine du Tariquet Vin Blanc (selection of white wine) which was simply outstanding!
A sprinkle of lemon and a dash of salt, and dunk the oyster straight in your mouth! The complexity of flavors is simply indescribable! Paired with the dry wine it formed one of the best tasting experiences we’ve had in Paris!
Do visit this Poissonerie for an unforgettable experience of seafood in Paris! 

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