Cuisine Du Terroir – Le Limosin, Versailles, France

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Hey from EL The Cook!
Cuisine du Terroir, literally Food of the Earth, is a concept which is just being explored in France. Traditional ingredients are served up with glocal flare! French cuisine du terroir is rare to find in an ever changing and fast paced food climate!
After much searching, we stumbled upon Le Limosin, just outside the Palace of Versailles. The restaurant looked fabulous from the outside and oozes of French flare from within.
Here’s what we had.. 

French cuisine du terroir doesn’t get more authentic than this. Fresh snails are a delicacy in the French country, and this dish is simply spectacular!
A traditional snail knife is also provided to pry the critters out of their shells, an experience in itself!
The snails are marinated in herbs du province and parsley. The garlicky butter marries beautifully with the herbiness of the marinade. The snails are a bit chewy but super tasty!

Finely sliced tenderloin of beef is pounded and marinated in lemon. The dish is topped with parsley and a fine grating of cheese.
Simple and brilliant. Flavors are oustanding!

Duck breast is slow cooked in oil for a few hours before it is finely sliced and served with sauce bernaise. The skin is crispy and meat is beautifully moist! 
Cuisine du terroir indeed!

A filet of salmon seared perfectly, accompanied with a tartare sauce and blanched potatoes.
The carb was awfully heavy, but the fish was cooked well. The tartare sauce added an acidic tinge to the dish, balancing the flavors well.
Le Limosin, located just around the Chateau of Versailles is an amazing restaurant for experiencing 
traditional French fare..
The food is fresh and chefs use the local produce to present outstanding dishes.
If you are hopping in and about Versailles be sure to try, Le Limosin for a true experience of Cuisine De Terroir!

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