La Doulce Terrasse, Chateau Villandry, France!

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Hey from EL The Cook!
We continue our journey through France with a visit to the Loire Valley.
Known as the Valley of Kings, the Loire river divides France into North and South.
During the 14th and 15th century this valley was an abode to many of France’s royalty. 
We review today, Villandry a spectacular chateau, known for its majestic gardens. 
The gardens are sculpted in royal colors. Chateau Villandry is famous for its herb and ornamental gardens which are at least six centuries old! 
A tip to visitors is to start early in the morning as the gardens get hot during the day. Explore the gardens via the map provided and take the long route, it is truly enlightening if you have green fingers or a garden of your own!
We loved the herbs; there are truly exotic ones like orange mint!
Attached to the chateau is a charming restaurant called  La Doulce Terrasse.

From the gardens of Chateau Villandry comes this super fresh green salad. Loaded with rocket, baby spinach and lettuce; garnished with extra virgin olive oil. This salad is nothing short of Villandry gardens on a plate! 

Slivers of cured salmon are served with blinis and fresh dill. The salmon is delicious and compliments the freshness of the herbs beautifully.

Italian in a French restaurant is not something we would do often. But the spaghetti was the most served dish, and we couldn’t resist!
Super moist beef mince is slow simmered in a gorgeous tomato sauce flavored with the herbs from the garden, making it an unforgettable taste! The freshness of the herbs elevates the dish..Garnished with fresh flowers from the garden adding an uncanny sweetness. A true farm to fork recipe!
La Doulce Terrasse, leading the way for a truly garden restaurant set among one of France’s most beautiful chateaux, Villandry!
The restaurant truly does justice to the amazing produce in their backyard which is Villandry’s legendary gardens. The food is simple and wholesome which truly reflects the “terroir” spirit of French Cuisine.

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