Fort Tiracol, Goa: Heritage of the Past!

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Hey from EL The Cook! We are back in Goa! 

Today we explore, Fort Tiracol (or Terekhol in Konkani), a 17th century fort on the border of Maharashtra and Goa. Constructed as a strategic security outpost by the Marathas, it was won over by the Portuguese in the 18th century. 

With spectacular views, Fort Tiracol is now a luxury hotel with movie shoots quite common. 

Fort Tiracol is accessible by road or ferry, and we chose the ferry cause its more fun! The ferry operates every 15 minutes and costs 10 rupees! It however does take some skill to maneuver your vehicle on the ferry!


In the 18th century the Portuguese constructed a small chapel in the fort for the people of the village. Its architecture is beautiful and is quite rare to see a chapel inside a fort. The chapel is not open to public except on rare occasions.


We dined at the tavern, Fort Tiracol’s restaurant which has the most spectacular views overlooking Querim Beach!


Beef medallions were well done, the sauce is velvety and rich. The potatoes sauteed lightly in herbs add a lovely color of gold to the plate.

Overall the dish is balanced well, earthy and peppery tones compliment the flavor of the beef. It is best accompanied with a glass of Reserve Cabernet Sauvignion.



With the spectacular view of the sea, fish was definitely on the menu! The snapper with a goan chorizo crust was the ideal option as we had never tasted this combination before.

The dish served however looked outright weird. The sauce looked like a beetroot reduction, which was spotty and almost disgusting to look at.

The flavors of the fish and chorizo didn’t compliment each other at all.  The potato puree and spinach just added a heavy element to the plate, making the dish a complete miss for us.


Dessert was a molten chocolate cake with ice-cream. Simple, can’t go wrong right?

Apparently you can. The chocolate cake was more a chocolate doughnut with a molten center. The chocolate sauce on the plate was Hersheys syrup.

Simple dessert, noticeably ruined. 

Fort Tiracol, with some of the best views is a splendid place to visit for Goa’s rich heritage!

The journey there is enchanting and beaches around are unforgettable.

The food though doesn’t match up to the ambiance and needs plenty of refinement. Simple dishes like the molten chocolate cake aren’t right. Goa’s staple food, fish is also amiss.

Ambiance wise, Fort Tiracol is a sight to behold, but the food is below the mark.

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