Malvani Cuisine – Hotel Athithi Bamboo!

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Hello Everyone! EL the Cook today, takes you on a journey along the Western Coast of India to the quaint sea-side town of Malvan (from Maha- Great, Lavan – Salt). Located about 514 km away from Mumbai, it is most famous for the Sindhudurg Fort, which is strategically built in the Sea!
Apart from the impressive history and serene beaches, Malvani Cuisine is exciting and Seafood, Coconut and Rice assume prime importance!
No place in Malvan does it better than Hotel Athithi Bamboo, serving up a wide variety of fresh fish and wholesome curries to entice the pallet. Owned by Mr, Sanjay Gawde, The Hotel derives its name from Athithi which means Esteemed Guest and Bamboo from the plantation of bamboo in Mr. Gawde’s sister hotel.
The ambiance is average but will be compensated for in the sheer diversity of seafood available. 
A helpful chart of the seafood in different languages is put up, but this does not make the choice any easier!

A recommended favorite is the Seafood Thali ( An assortment of a grilled/ fried fish, with 2 types of curries and some Sol Kadi – a spicy drink of Kokum, coconut milk). The fried fish is cooked to perfection and seasoned with local spices. The fish is seared in a fine mix a semolina and chilly to give it a crispy crust. Below the crust is the soft seasoned flesh which melts in your mouth!
The curries are of 2 types, the first is the one which has marinated fish pieces, cooked in a heavily flavored coconut gravy. It is generously spiced with green chilies and well balanced with salt and acidity as the kokum fruit is added to the curry.
The second type of curry has a thinner texture and is meant to be eaten with a side of rice. This curry is flavored with the fish but doesn’t contain any pieces. 
Ala-Carte dining is also available. The prawns are served in a brown gravy and the seared black pomfret are heavenly and leaves you with a distinct taste of the sea!
 The dessert course is usually seldom embarked upon because of the amount of food you tend to gorge on during mains. But a review is never complete without dessert!
The Aamrakhand ( A Strained Yogurt sweetened with sugar, mango pulp and flavored with Cardamom) is served and is simply divine! The indulgence can only be complete after a serving of this delight. Served chilled, it is truly the icing on the cake of Malvani cuisine. Its rich taste and smooth texture, gives dessert fanatics a whiff of sweet glory!
Hotel Athithi Bamboo, living up to its name and making guests and tourists truly esteemed customers of Traditional Malvani Cuisine!  

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