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goa with love

Hey from ELTheCook! Goa is one of those places which are truly unforgettable.

Today we visit Pune’s newest Goan Restaurant, Sara Soda, which is simply put “susegado!” Located in Undri, Sara Soda serves quintessential Goan Fare! 

From the house that bought us Marrakesh, Sara Soda is the groups first venture into a Goan Restaurant space. 







The ambiance of Sara Soda reflects how much detail has gone into designing the place. From the colorful goan art, tasteful chairs and the traditional trellis railings.

With a super bar and great cocktails, Sara Soda fulfills the thirsty palette as well.


The graffiti on the walls reflects the Russian influence in Goa!  


Sara Soda, has integrated the ambiance of the traditional Goa with its modern influences, which is really commendable! 


Buff Shack Style


Sara Soda, presents its take on Shack style beef chili with this amazing plate of food. The buff is well- done and tender. It is slightly seasoned with goan raechado masala and hints of toddy vinegar for acidity. Accompanied by slivers of caramelized onion and bell peppers!

An amazing dish transporting you straight to one of Goa’s many beaches!


Mutton Vindaloo


Our choice for mains was initally Sorpotel, but the restaurant doesn’t serve pork, so our next choice was mutton vindaloo. To compliment this dish we ordered sannas, which are basically little sweetened, fermented rice puddings, heavier than idlis. Sannas go beautifully with spicy currys!

The flavors of the vindaloo were spot on, however we didn’t like the robust taste of the mutton which overpowers the gravy. Also the sannas were dry and heavy.

This dish needs some refinement. 


Sara Soda, the new hip Goan joint on NIBM Rd is sure to garner a crowd, cause of its cool ambiance and Goan theme!

The food has the right soul but textures and execution need a bit of refinement.

Visit Sara Soda for a slice of Goa!



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