Butchery 101! -The Right Cuts! Pro Cooking Tips!

December 10, 2016 elthecook No comments exist

Hey from EL The Cook! Butchery is an art! 

To all the hardcore non-vegetarians in the house, this one is for you! 
When buying meat, we are often puzzled what type of cut to tell our local butcher. Often the right cut of meat, determines the taste, texture and quality of the food you will cook!
When we started to cook meat, it was quite difficult to understand which cuts of meat are perfect for particular dishes.  
With the rise of speciality restaurants serving a variety of cuts, it is easy to lose track of what you are eating..
 This concise butchery list of the various cuts of goat, lamb, veal and beef, describing how to cook each cut the best! 
butchery lamb

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