Italian Essentials! Bacon and Herb Frittata!

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A  frittata is an egg dish that can be served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner; tastes as good (and arguably better) cold or at room temperature as it does warm; and can be packed with just about anything—including leftovers.
The bonus? It’s also incredibly easy. But to make this classic Italian dish even easier, swap the traditional (and tricky) folding-and-flipping stovetop technique for a stir-and-bake one. The result will be a frittata with a silky texture that hovers between quiche and omelet.
Courtesy Epicurious,the infographic below features six winning flavor combinations. These are great starting points for those who are new to frittatas, but they’re definitely not the end. The whole point of a frittata is that you can make it anytime, with almost anything. Just keep these few tips in mind.
Our recipe includes bacon rashers, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil.


Any 2-quart square baking dish works well for this frittata. (For a classic look, bake your frittata in a cast-iron skillet.) Larger dimensions will work, too, but will yield shallower frittatas and require shorter cooking times. 4 large eggs usually serves 2 people. The infographic recipe serves 8.


Beat the eggs only enough to blend the whites and yolks. Overbeating will cause the frittata to poof in the oven, then fall into a denser layer when cooling.


While just about anything can be stirred into the egg base, you should stick to ingredients that are already cooked. For anything with excess moisture, such as sautéed greens, be sure to squeeze out any liquid first.


The frittata can be served immediately or warm. Once cooled to room temperature, it can stand for up to an hour. A cooled frittata can be refrigerated up to 1 day. Serve cold, bring to room temperature, or reheat before serving.

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